Light-Hearted Love Jumpsuit

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Color: Black
An embodiment of the Slowli spirit. Minimal, beautiful and so comfortable. The LLJ is your perfect partner in crime on any occasion. Soft cotton that feels like a dream when worn. Try it on to know what we're talking about. Proudly Made in Kenya.

Wear it with a T-shirt or simply as it is. Use a belt to pinch up the waist if you're in the mood or be relaxed, true to its fit.

Cotton made in Africa (CmiA)

Harvested with rain water. No pesticidesWe recommend hand wash with cold water and hanging to dry. Though this item will hold up well to machine wash, warmer water and drying temperatures, a significant part of the climate impact in the life cycle of garments is washing and drying.

Garment is 95% Cotton 5% Spandex.
Super Soft & Durable Fabric
Relaxed FitFront side pockets
Wide legs
Wide neck for easy wear/Nursing friendly

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