Wrap Me Around Dress

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Color: Denim Blue
The Wrap Me Around Dress is a wearer's dream stiched in a beautiful handwoven Ikat fabric. The sleeves and neckline are thoughtfully considered to give a dramatic yet practical effect and the pockets perfectly placed for use and style.

Super versatile, this garment can be worn as a jacket over trousers or jumpsuits(like shown in pictures) or can be buttoned up all the way to be a super chic dress of its own. 

100% cotton handwoven by artisans in India. 
Due to the nature of the fabric and process, each piece is one of a kind.
Extra soft handfeel.
We recomment hand wash with cold water and hanging to dry. Though this item will hold up well to warmer water and drying temperatures, a significant part of the climate impact in the life cycle of garments is washing and drying.

Garment is 100% handwoven cotton. 
Pockets on both sides
Wrap style

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